We have on our panel the best and the finest naturalists working with us. With us you travel with the India's most knowledgeable, sharpest-eyed English / Language speaking naturalists.


Manoj Sharma

Manoj works with us as a wild life leader. Manoj left his corporate job to settle down in Corbett National Park, working as a naturalist and bird guide. Something that he has been doing for last 12 years . He has added several bird species to Corbett list, including specialties like Indian subcontinent endemic Bristled Grass bird. He has traveled extensively within India and has successfully led birding and wildlife tours in many parts of the country Strength: Birding

Dilip Kumar Saini

Dilip Leads our Rajasthan tours A native of Bharatpur, Dilip has been working as an ornithologist for the last 17 years. He has sighted more than 500 species of birds as of date, the best being a Smew in Bharatpur – a rare winter visitor to North India. The Smew sighted by him was the first record of its sighting in Bharatpur. Strengths: Birding, Mammals

Hitendra Singh Rathore

Hitendra works with us as a wildlife tour leader Hitendra Singh Rathore, better known as Hatsy to his friends, has completed his schooling from the prestigious Mayo College, Ajmer. His interest in Nature from the very beginning made him join some camping groups and nature walks. Hatsy has assisted in BBC wild-life shoots in Delhi, Haridwar and Dehradun. An avid photographer by choice, he has assisted many professional photographers to get good wildlife photographs. Strengths: Mammals, Birding, Photography

Narendra Sharma

Narendra works with Travel Inn as a Co-leader. A native of Bharatpur, Narendra has been working as an ornithologist for the last 10 years. Although Narendra holds a bachelor’s degree in Humanities, he preferred to pursue his career as a naturalist cum ornithologist as he developed interest in mammals and birds since his high school years. Strength: Birds.

Gangadhar Latey

Gangadhar Latey popularly known as Indrajit works as a Leader with us. Indrajit started his wildlife career at the age of 15, near Melghat, where he spent most of his summers since 1980 onward. These visits enticed him to gain understanding of jungle treasures like mammals and birds. He caped his self-learning with certified course in Wildlife Management and Nature Education and he further attended the conference on Tropical Ecosystem to enhance his knowledge on the subject. Strengths: Tigers, Birds, Photography

Meethil Momaya

Meethil works with us as Photograhic Leader. Born and brought-up and educated in Mumbai,Meethil is an internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer by profession. He is a proud winner of 2 Glanzlicher award in 2007. He has a strong background in science, a degree in mass media and journalism, a diploma in cinematography, and has more than a decades experience in still photography. Strengths: Photography

Harendra Singh

Harendra Singh fondly known as Harry works with us as a Leader. He started off guiding in the Keoladeo Ghana National Park as a youngster. He spent two years working as a naturalist with Tajsafaris in central India. He worked at three of their lodges in Bandhavgarh, Pench and Kanha National Parks, explaining the flora/fauna, tracking tigers. Strengths : Birds, Tigers

Himanshu Rathore

Himanshu works as a Leader with us. Himanshu grew up in the desert state of Rajasthan and since childhood had a passion for wildlife wherehe grew up visiting the jungle with his father and brother, who both had the same passion. After school, he went on to complete college in Mumbai, after which he got selected for the naturalist training course with Tajsafaris at Bandhavgarh National Park. Strengths: Birds, Mammals, Photography

Sarvana Kumar

Saravana works with us as a Leader. He has a Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry .He is an expert in identifying the local flora and fauna and is especially adept at recognising the area’s wonderful birdlife. Saravana’s objective is to become a conscientious practitioner of environment conservation and work towards creating an awareness of the same through visual medium. Strengths: Birds, Mammals, Flora

Dilan Mandanna

Dilan Works with us as a Leader Dilan Mandanna worked as a naturalist for almost two years. He was hired by the BBC to work as an assistant researcher for the documentary Mountains of the Monsoon - A Natural World production on Western Ghats. He also worked as a camera-man with National Geographic Channel for the production of their documentary on King Cobras. Strengths: Mammals, Birds, Photography

Harish Sharma

Harish works as a Co-Leader with us Harish has been a regular naturalist since 2000 in Keoladeo National Park Bharatpur. He has worked on bird nesting behaviour namely the Indian Courser,sarus crane,Paradise flycatcher,yellow-Wattled Lapwing,woodpeckers and other species.He has also worked on mammals breeding behaviour such as golden jakal and Striped hyena. Strengths: Birds, Mammals

Bharat 'Bunty' Madhyan

A skilled and experienced naturalist, Bunty has a great love of wildlife and the natural world. He has a Diploma in Export-Import Management and is a graduate of Allahabad University, but his professional calling has been in the field of nature and conservation. Bunty has worked in a wide range of posts as a naturalist, and much of his experience has centered on leading tours in Bandhavgarh National Park. A keen conservationist, he has travelled widely in India and acted as a consultant to help ensure the long-term protection of Bandhavgarh’s Tigers through sustainable development projects. He enjoys trekking, travelling and spending time in nature.

Pradeep Singh

Pradeep works with us as a Leader. Pradeep after completing an Arts Degree from Rajasthan University, followed up with a diploma in Wildlife Interpretation from the Forest Department of Rajasthan. Whilst containing iinformal ornithological Studies at Keoladco Ghana National Park, and Trained in Animal Behaviour he is also a passionate wildlife & nature Photographer (amateur). Strengths: Birds, Mammals & Butterflies

Sujan Chatterjee

Sujan is one of India’s leading naturalists and ornithologists and has been birding for the last 18 years. He has travelled extensively all over India and Bhutan, seen more than 850 species of birds and taken part in a wide range of wildlife projects and surveys. In particular he has spent a great deal of time studying the wildlife of Kaziranga National Park (Assam) and Arunachal Pradesh in north-east India. He has been very active in promoting the birdlife of these regions, a passion which has led to a key involvement in both Bengalbirds, a leading forum on birds around Kolkata, and Prakriti Samsad, a leading birding NGO. Sujan has great enthusiasm for his subject as well as a cheerful and friendly disposition. He is exceptionally fluent in English and a very popular Naturetrek guide. Sujan is ranked as one of the country's leading naturalists and ornithologists, and we are sure you will find him a very pleasant and knowledgeable travelling companion.

Manisha Rajput

Manisha is working as a tour guide and has extensive experience in tours across Gujarat. Manisha has good knowledge on birds, mammals, flora & fauna and is a qualified snake handler of different parks and sanctuaries in Gujarat. She has worked with the World Bank on an eco development project and is an active member of World Conservation Society of Gujarat and Institute for conservation projects of Wildlife and Wellshark conservation. None the less, she is a Gold medalist in rifle shooting, a National hockey player and runs an NGO called Aruvi Foundation promoting environment and education.

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