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A land of warm hospitality and cultural wonders

India is an incredible land of several ethnicities, food, historical events, and people. From the heritage forts & palaces in the North to the backwaters of Kerala in the South, and from the beaches of Goa in the West to the scenic valleys of Arunachal Pradesh in the East, there are endless experiences to discover in different regions and places in India.

India celebrates several iconic festivals, such as Holi, Diwali, and Durga Puja. Travellers can witness a different shade of this nation during the festive season when celebrations unite people and experiences together. Whether travelling for the first time or being a regular visitor, the charm of this nation will make travellers feel they always belonged here.

North India

From the bustling city of New Delhi to the enthralling Taj in Agra and the monumental royal architecture of Rajasthan to the sacred ghats and temples of Varanasi, North India is a must-visit Indian region for anyone interested in exploring the rich history, culture, and serenity of the region. The people are friendly, the attractions are insightful, and the food is filled with cultural flavours. With so much to explore, travellers are surprised at every stage, from gracefully moving through the deserts to finding a way in the busy city lanes.

South India

It’s a land of captivating culture and mesmerising landscapes. A trip to India’s Southern region will surprise and delight your customers with its gorgeous locations, including the alluring backwaters in Kerala, heritage ruins of Hampi, hazy hill stations of Munnar, luscious green fields of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, and pristine beaches along the coast. Visitors can immerse into the beauty and simplicity of the region that flourishes with hospitable people, diverse cultures, and the confluence of remarkable experiences.

East India

The East region is the epicentre of divine knowledge, where Buddha and Mahavira preached the most valuable life lessons, and the stories of Ashoka are still fresh. Andaman and Nicobar Islands offer a paradise-like setting with beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters for those looking for a laid-back holiday. Whereas the Sundarbans show off natural evidence of the mangroves and swamps and the city of joy, Kolkata is ready to welcome travellers and fascinate them with its colourful culture, cheerful people, great literary works, and the famous Howrah bridge.

North-East India

North East India is a natural retreat, boasting picturesque scenery from the snow-capped Himalayas to dense forests and cascading waterfalls. Travellers can take a trip to the jungle-clad region of Meghalaya or visit the Kaziranga national park in Assam, home to the one-horned rhinos. The sublime discoveries in Shillong, the Scotland of the east, are beyond imagination. Meghalaya’s living double-decker root bridges are nothing less than a natural wonder. The North East region of India is sure to make travellers surrender before nature’s beauty.

Central India

The central region of India is ecologically diverse and hosts several national parks and tiger reserves of India, including Pench, Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Kuno, Panna, and more. The historic town of Orchha is a must-visit place to learn more about the stories of the Bundela rulers while exploring ancient monuments and forts. The temples of Khajuraho are renowned for their erotic sculptures, which are intricately carved and genuinely unforgettable. And while in Madhya Pradesh, visitors can also visit the Sanchi Stupa, which depicts how Buddhist art and architecture have evolved over time.

West India

The appeal of the Western region is rooted in its magnificent scenery, unique culture, and beautiful heritage sites nestled amid lush greenery along the Western ghats. From lively metropolises like Mumbai to the nightlife of Goa endowed with charisma and enthusiasm, there is truly something for everyone in this majestic region. With Buddhist art in Ajanta Ellora caves or wildlife at Gir National Park in Gujarat, the western landscapes will leave your clients in awe.


1400 million (as of August 2022)


3.287 million km² (world's 7th largest country)

Main Religions

Hinduism (80%), Islam (13%), and Christianity (2%)