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Aman-I-Khas, Rajasthan, India


in India

Elegance and eloquence resonating at every square feet of luxurious and tastefully designed spaces set amidst wonderful breathtaking nature. Luxurious camps exclusively selected for your clients.

Luxury Train Tours

in India

Have you ever dreamt of waking up in a new exotic location everyday, while still enjoying luxury accommodations?

Your dream can now be a reality as India invites you to enjoy one of it’s luxury train tours through some of its most fascinating destinations. Equipped with the luxuries and accommodations you’d expect from a 5 star hotels, these luxury trains in India take you on a journey through time, acquainting you with the country in ways, otherwise not possible. With Palace on Wheels being the first luxury train, other luxury trains like Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels and the Maharajas’ Express soon followed. The coaches in these luxurious trains are elegantly appointed and well facilitated, providing you with a luxurious stay. With a cozy and royal ambiance, the comforts available onboard will meet and exceed anyone’s expectations.. Serving sumptuous delights, Indian luxury trains are well facilitated with the finest of restaurants, providing you with an exquisite dining experience. Be it authentic Indian cuisine, sizzling Chinese or exotic Continental, everything is provided in these restaurants to pamper your hungry palates. Besides, you are also provided with other modern facilities onboard these luxurious trains like the security arrangements, attendants, mineral water, medical aid etc. to make your travel not only luxurious but also an unforgettable one. Your clients will thoroughly enjoy their experiences with these royal and exotic journeys.

Luxury Train Tours
Luxury River Cruises

Luxury River Cruises

in India

India is increasingly becoming a haunt for luxury travel and there are interesting luxury river cruises on offer. Luxury river cruises in India are all the more spectacular due to the famous large rivers which have a long connection with the history of the country and its people. The vast stretches of holy river Ganges, and mighty Brahmaputra in the East, have a plethora of villages, farms, lesser known monuments and proximity to wildlife national parks, such as Kaziranga in Assam, making India one of the top luxury river cruise destinations in the world.

Fairs & Festivals


Cultural Tours

in India

An enchanting cultural India awaits your clients including the enticing unity represented by the people of the country who display a wide range of religions, culture, customs, cuisine and languages. The rich and varied heritage happens to be one of the many sources of pride of the nation. The mysterious ways of the people, their lifestyles and the inseparable culture of India cannot be expressed in words but can surely be enjoyed with experience.

Indian cities have hotels with standards of service that match the best in the world. The range of hotels and lodging offered in the country leave something to match every type of traveller. A range of heritage and leisure destinations such royal palaces, and beach getaways provide many options for incentive tours.

If you are a Cultural tour operator and have clients travelling to India, write to us and we shall be more than pleased to suggest you some great ideas on Cultural tours in India.

Cultural tours
wellness, spa and yoga

Wellness, Spa and Yoga

in India

Immerse yourself with the places and people whose mission is to make the most of your stay. Step into luxury in sync with peace of mind and comfort.

Yoga enhances the physical, mental and emotional well-being. While Yoga is a religion to many, to others there is a separation of yoga from its spiritual goal, seeing yoga strictly as an exercise/fitness regimen, or an overall program of keeping physical and emotional well-being.

India has great options for Wellness and Spa, including packages ranging from 7/14/ 21 days for detoxification. Right from the Himalayas, to the beaches in the South of India, there are Wellness Resorts, Yoga Retreats and Spa Destination hotels to match the best standards in the world. It would not be an exaggeration to say that one is spoilt for choices. Travel Inn can also organize special Yoga and Wellness tours with a private instructor travelling with your clients..

Wildlife & Birding Tours

in India

India is unique in the richness and diversity of its vegetation and wildlife. India’s national parks and wild life sanctuaries (including bird sanctuaries) from Ladakh in Himalayas to Southern tip of Tamil Nadu & Kerala are outstanding and the country continues to “wow” the wildlife enthusiasts with its rich bio-diversity and heritage. Wildlife sanctuaries in India attract people from all over the world as some of the rarest of rare species are found here. With over 100 national parks and over 500 wildlife sanctuaries, the range and diversity of India’s wildlife heritage is unmatched. From migratory to resident birds, and an exciting range of wildlife such as Tiger, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Elephant, Snow Leopard, Gaur, Wild Dog, Barasinga and other deer species to name a few, a safari in the Indian wildlife sanctuaries and national parks is a fabulous experience.

Travel Inn is a leading Destination Management Company in Wildlife business in India and we work with specialist Wildlife tour operators from around the world. If you are a Wildlife tour operator and have clients travelling to India, email  us and we shall be more than pleased to suggest you some great ideas on wildlife tours in India.

Adventure Holidays

Adventure Tours

in India

The Indian Himalayas are an adventure travelers paradise, a natural playground second to none. This huge mountain range makes it possible for us to offer a wide range of different trekking, rafting and kayaking holidays suited to needs and abilities of your clients throughout the year.

We focus on taking our clients away from the beaten tourist path to experience the real India in a responsible manner. Whether trekking through the grounds of a remote Buddhist Monastery or paddling down remote river canyons we immerse you in some of the oldest cultures and traditions in the world. The memory of your adventure will stay with you long after your holiday is over.

As an experienced adventure travel company, we follow all safety and security regulations on all our White water rafting, luxury camping, trekking, ski touring, climbing expeditions, self drive jeep tours and mountain biking tours. We are active members of Adventure Tour Operators association of India (ATOAI) and are recognized by Department of Tourism, Government of India. This means we adhere to code of conduct and the safety procedures essentially required to be members of ATOAI.

If you are an adventure tour operator and have clients travelling to India, email us and we shall be more than pleased to suggest you some great ideas on Adventure tours in India.

Romantic Getaways

in India

Whether you’re travelling to India on your honeymoon or with a partner, there are some delightfully romantic getaways, honeymoon destinations, and hotels to make your trip a memorable one.

Tranquil mountain hideaways, beautifully stark desert settings, relaxing beaches, grand river cruises, luxury trains, exhilarating jungles, and of course the exotic Taj Mahal – are just some of the highlights we offer that won’t fail to leave a lasting impression. You’ll also find hotels just as stunning as the places they’re located in.

For your clients travelling to India and looking for a short holiday write to us and we shall be more than pleased to suggest you some great ideas on Getaway destinations in India.

Romantic Getaways
Tailor made holidays

Tailor-made Holidays

in India

With 30 years of experience, we are uniquely placed to organize the perfect tailor made holidays for you. We at Travel Inn specialize in making your holiday keeping in mind your personal choices and priorities with respect to time, taste, location and comfort level. The fact that we are the ground handling agents for some of the most established and leading tailor made specialists across the globe gives credence to our claim of being the best choice for tailor made holidays in India. We are pleased to provide a reference list on request.

If you have clients travelling to India with special requests please email us to suggest you a Tailor Made Holiday to the exact specification as desired by your clients ideally tailored to suit their timeframe and budget without any obligation.

India’s Neighbours

Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka

Discover nature’s and man-made wonders in India’s neighbouring countries planned flawlessly by our well-equipped experienced team. Experience the different nature scapes, cultures, heritage and people. You will be taken care of with everything planned to perfection and nothing left to chance. 

Travel Inn works with the most reliable and trusted partners. A holiday organized through us to these neighbouring countries is surely a value for money.

Taktsang monastery, Paro, Bhutan

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