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India has great wellness and spa options, including packages ranging from 7/14/ 21 days for detoxification. Whether your clients want to rejuvenate their body, mind, or soul with a long-term or a short stay, we at Travel Inn have the best solutions. They can go on an adventure through the Himalayan mountains or enjoy some time off near India’s blissful beaches. No matter what your client’s craving might be, there will always be something unique for them when visiting this ancient land.
Just beginning with spiritual exploration or might be a lifelong learner, we offer your clients something that will resonate with interests through wellness. At Travel Inn we organise private yoga tours where our instructors come alongside your clients while travelling solo.


Some exotic locations should not be overlooked. We have an exciting collection of wellness properties for your clients to unwind and enjoy the best therapy.

Cgh Earth Green Hotels In South India

Niraamaya Surya Samudra
Kovalam Beach
Ananda In The Himalayas
Rishikesh, Dehradun
Shreyas Yoga Retreat


Contact us for a detailed itinerary & cost proposal to include wellness, spa, and yoga experiences in your client’s itinerary.