Travel Inn


Ravi S Kalra
Managing Director
Ravi Kalra is the Managing Director at Travel Inn. He began his career in the travel industry in the late 70’s when he led trekking groups in the Himalayan ranges. His passion for travel made him explore the world, and with his vast experience of travel destinations, he founded Travel Inn in 1985. Ravi’s keen interest in wildlife and adventure has established Travel Inn as the most preferred wildlife and adventure Destination Management Company in India. Ravi likes to spend his free time birding, listening to music, and travelling with his daughter Jasmine. His favourite destination in India is the Himalayas.
Gurmeet Kalra
Director – Finance
Gurmeet Kalra is the Director of Finance at Travel Inn. She has been an indispensable part of Travel Inn for the last 22 years. Her father was a diplomat with the United Nations in Iran, and her early schooling was in Tehran. She has completed her education in Sociology & Economics, which was followed by a Bachelor of Education from Punjab University-Chandigarh. She later did her M.B.A from Hamburg, Germany. She married Ravi in 1990 and joined Travel Inn full-time in 2000. She is widely travelled in India and across the world. In her free time, she likes reading, mainly non-fiction. Her favourite destinations in India are Ladakh and Kerala.
Jay Kumar
General Manager
Jay is an astute professional with over 20 years of Inbound Travel Operations experience. His sole motto remains, how complicated or demanding the request might be, he is always on hand to ensure that by the end of the client’s trip, the only question they must have is `how soon can I
come back!’
Vandna Sharma
Vandna has been a part of the tourism industry for 15 years now. A postgraduate in Tourism Management from Jammu University, she started her career as an amateur and climbed up the ladder gradually. She is an expert in designing tailor-made tours all over India. She has a passion for travelling and exploring new places and has travelled extensively in India.
Mugdha Desai Deshpande
Wildlife Product Specialist
Mugdha Deshpande, originally from the cosmopolitan city of India, Mumbai, is an excellent naturalist. Besides being an in-house wildlife specialist at Travel Inn, she leads some of our trips to the wildlife parks across India as a trip leader. Having worked as a resident-lodge naturalist in the Central Indian forests of Satpura, Kanha, and Tadoba for 4 years, she has acquired the necessary field knowledge for leading trips.
Joseph Pawa
Team Operations
Joseph is the head of operations at Travel Inn. He is an explorer at heart and began his career in 1995, gained operations experience, and accompanied British groups on cultural and wildlife tours in India, Nepal, and Bhutan.
Monica Singh
Team Operations
A science graduate from Delhi University, Monica is a go-getter. A nature lover who adores exploring new destinations, she is calm, confident, tolerant, and compassionate. Monica heads the operations team at Travel Inn. She has worked in the travel industry for the last 15 years. She has always been an active and free-spirited person who loves rock climbing, bungee jumping, paragliding, and trekking in the Himalayas.
Madhu Bhandari
Team Operations
Madhu Bhandari is gregarious, passionate, open-minded, and good at interacting with others. She believes in “Be yourself, but always better yourself”. She has been working in the travel trade for the last 12 years, enjoys visiting historical places, discovering unheard tales from locals, and is passionate about ancient architecture
Rajni Mahajan
Team Operations
Rajni Mahajan was born and brought up in Hyderabad in south India. Married to be a computer software engineer, she moved to Delhi after completing her master’s in business administration. She initially worked with a software company as software support for 8 years but later decided to move to the travel trade due to her interest in travelling. Rajni is a part of our operations team.
Arpit Sahni
Team Sales
Arpit Sahni heads the Sales department at Travel Inn. He has done his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Delhi and has been in the Travel industry for 11 years. Always eager to learn, he looks forward to working on different projects with Travel Inn and enjoys his research on wildlife and adventure trips.
Sachin Kumar
Team Sales
Sachin joined the travel trade after completing his master’s in Tourism Management in 2010. Sachin is a part of our sales team. He has a strong passion for travel and has been in the industry for over 11 years. He loves discovering new places and meeting people. He is a big foodie and a globetrotter. His motto of life is “when nothing goes right… go left”.

Gagandeep Kaur

Team Contracting
Gagandeep Kaur is a Graduate with an aviation, hospitality, and travel management diploma. She comes to Travel Inn with over 15+ years of industry experience and hands-on exposure to working with one of the most delicate Hotel chains in India (The Oberoi group). Confident, knowledgeable, well-traveled, and well-versed with travel operations, she has always been entrusted with responsible positions. Gagandeep heads the contracting department at Travel Inn.

Mansi Arora

Team Contracting
Mansi Arora has been a member of our contracting team at Travel Inn for the past 10 years. She is a graduate from Delhi University and believes that the company is providing her with a good platform to enhance her knowledge & skills. Cheerful and full of life, Mansi in her spare time loves to interact with people, loves to travel and practice some good dance moves
Jitander Prashar
Head of Finance
Jitander Prashar is the Finance Head at Travel Inn. One of the most senior persons at Travel Inn, he is an important member in the team. Apart from heading the Finance team, he also works closely with the Field management team on the ground. Known for his hard work, dedication, and cooperative attitude, he is truly respected by everyone at Travel Inn. His hobbies include travelling, watching cricket and listening to music.

Neha Malyan

Team Accounting
Neha Malyan is a commerce graduate with 13 Years of managing finance in the travel trade. She likes to travel, watch movies, and enjoy dance and music in her leisure time.