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This website is owned & managed by Travel Inn (India) Pvt. Ltd., a PSA-IRCTC affiliate, for selling the packages of Maharajas Express from 7th August 2014 to 30th April 2015. We do not own or operate the Maharajas’ Express train, owned and operated by Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd. (IRCTC). The official website of the Maharajas’ Express is
“We as a merchant shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorisation for any transaction, on account of the Cardholder having exceeded the preset limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time”.
  1. RATES – We send our operators the best possible rates and that they are valid and held for the duration of the period specified when originally sent.
  2. QUOTATIONS – It’ll be our endeavour to return ad hoc tailor-made quotations to our operators within 24 hours of receipt of any request.
  3. PAYMENT OF INVOICES – For FITs (Individual clients) – Travel Inn sends the invoices for the coming month on the 15th of every month. This gives our operators 15 days to reconcile the invoices so they can make full payment before the end of each calendar month.
  4. For GIT (Group travel) – In the case of groups, the minimum guarantee period is 45 days before the arrival of the group. We send the invoice 45 days before the start of the tour.
Exception: Some hotels in India, especially with small inventories, have specific terms and conditions and demand a percentage of the amounts payable as advances/deposits at the time of booking to guarantee bookings. The same will be informed to you on a case to case basis on the usage of that specific hotel. We will be taking your approval in such cases before paying deposits to the hotel. The advances paid in the above exception will be accordingly deducted from the total invoice amount of that particular client/group.
1. CANCELLATION POLICY – Please write to us at to get a separate copy of our cancellation policies.
2. RESERVATIONS POLICY – Accommodation, transport, and other services will be booked for clients within 24 hours of receipt of a tailor-made request being made. Issues, if any, will be brought to your attention within 3 working days of receiving the booking request.
For group tours, all services will be held according to the maximum operating number of the group until you let us know that the accommodation, transport, guides, and other activities can be released. In any case, we will need to be informed about the group’s operational status at least 50 days from the group’s operation date. We will require a preliminary rooming list 45 days before the arrival of the group and the final rooming list 30 days before the group’s arrival.
3. INFORMATION POLICY – We will provide all necessary descriptive and factual information when sending rates for a particular property or tour. This information would include closed periods, inclusions, timings (for itineraries), and contact details (for accommodations and other service providers).
4. QUALITY CONTROL – At Travel Inn, we commit to providing your clients with the highest quality ground services. Any feedback given to us by your client will be sent to you as soon as our office receives it. We will also resolve any issues brought to our attention by the clients while on tour without delay and with your assistance if required. A full report of any problems will be sent to you as soon as possible in case of a complaint by the client.
5. HEALTH, SAFETY, AND RISK MANAGEMENT – We assure you that every accommodation, transport, and service offered by us and used by your clients adheres to all relevant local regulations regarding health and safety, particularly laws governing fire safety and hygiene.
Accommodation – Most of the hotels used by us for your clients are approved by the Government of India and therefore adhere to fire safety norms. Fire safety measures are prerequisites for getting approval from the Government to run the establishment commercially. Some accommodations we use, e.g., homestays, village houses, safari lodges, etc., may not fit the above format. However, we can still provide you with details of each property, review its safety, and advise you of any potential problems. This information is only provided as and when you require it. Where camping takes place, we can confirm the type of equipment used – its quality, age, and state of repair on demand.
Vehicles – Our vehicles are of a high standard, properly maintained, complying with all local and national transport laws, and fully insured for commercial use. We ensure that windscreen wipers and washers are fully operational and windows are free from cracks. Where applicable, a seatbelt is supplied for all passengers. Where boats and/or ferries are used, they comply with applicable local and national legislation, are licensed to carry passengers, and have adequate safety equipment.
Drivers are fully licensed in accordance with all national and local regulations. Our drivers have sound knowledge of English. We have a no-smoking policy in all our vehicles, including the driver. Our drivers also comply with local restrictions for the maximum number of hours driving, and they have sufficient rest if driving long distances (this point is of the utmost importance for the safety of the driver, guide, group leader, and passengers). If a breakdown occurs, we arrange a replacement vehicle at the earliest opportunity to perform the service at no additional cost and avoid any significant disruption to the itinerary. All vehicles carry a spare wheel, which is in good condition, and a first aid kit.
Hygiene – If we arrange meals in local restaurants, we/our associate offices inspect and monitor all venues before the visit/tour to ensure that clients are not exposed to illness or infection due to bad hygiene or poorly maintained equipment and facilities. There are also adequate and clean toilet facilities. However, we do not guarantee compliance with roadside amenities. The hygiene standards at the roadside restaurants/ takeaways/ en route facilities stops are generally lacking.
Public Liability Insurance and Indemnity – Presently there is limited liability insurance in our country. It is therefore strongly advised, and a must, that all clients travelling to India should have proper and adequate insurance cover, including air evacuation.
Emergencies – You will be informed immediately of any incident or accident involving injury, harm, or death to any of your clients so that proper procedures can be enacted and followed from your end.
1. GUIDES – All guides used by us for your clients and groups speak excellent English/ Language and are experts in the local area. Local guides accompany clients on activities and excursions, which are operated to the highest operational standards, including equipment and risk management.
2. CONFIDENTIALITY – We also ensure any information regarding your clients, itineraries, or future plans is kept confidential between ourselves so we can grow our business together.
3. RESPONSIBLE TOURISM – Our commitment to Responsible Tourism regards compliance with the relevant environmental laws and adopting responsible standards where no legislation exists as an integral part of its business strategy. We are committed to considering the environmental impacts associated with its products throughout their life cycle.
Travel Inn considers climate change the greatest threat affecting tourism, making communities and wildlife vulnerable and society at large. We will prevent wasteful use of resources and strive for economic, social, and environmental sustainability in all spheres of our business activities.
By the nature of the operation, Travel Inn has a comparatively limited environmental impact. However, as responsible corporate citizens, we shall remain committed to continually enhancing our performance through appropriate strategic action plans toward environmental protection and improvement.
We endeavour to minimise the environmental impact of our business activities by driving initiatives to reduce our ecological and carbon footprints.
If you visit our site by “clicking-through” from a site operated by one of our partners, and you have registered with that partner, then certain information about you that you have provided to that partner may be transmitted to us. You should review the privacy policy of the website from which you reached our site to determine what information was collected and how you agreed that our partner could use that information. Regardless of what information was transmitted to us, we don’t keep it unless you register with us.
We aim to fulfil our environmental commitments through the following broad-level actions:
  • Reduce GreenHouse Gases (GHG) emissions by improving energy efficiency in operations, especially in the data centre.
  • Minimise consumption of other resources such as water, paper, hardware, and other consumables.
  • Promote ‘Green Procurement’ to the maximum possible extent.
  • Set, monitor, and review objectives and targets on an ongoing basis towards improving environmental performance and the overall environmental management system.
  • Remain committed to complying with all current applicable environmental and related legal and other requirements and, wherever feasible, exceed prescribed standards.
  • Communicate the environmental policy to all employees, business associates, and other stakeholders and ensure that the policy is also available to the public.
We believe that concern for the environment has to be an integral part of our business strategy toward sustainability, and we strive to fulfil all our environmental obligations and commitments as responsible global corporate citizens.
We use the personal information we collect to help both of us! As we mentioned above, registering with us allows you to personalise our website to be most useful to you. It also allows you to log into our site automatically each time you visit, rather than manually typing your user name and password every time. By registering, you can also track your history of transactions that you have done on our site, which is available in the form of a Dossier. We may also use this information to periodically contact you with news or important information from Travel Inn or to request your feedback on our site. In addition to these periodic updates, we may email you additional materials, but only if you specifically request them. These might include opt-in newsletters and other materials you proactively request from Travel Inn.


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